Blue, Gray, and a Little Wind

Hello Skiers and Boarders,

Parking lots filled again today.  Lines were not terrible as all lifts were operating, but some lifts experienced 5 to 10 minute waits.  The weather was mixed today with some wind, gray skies at the beginning of the day followed by sun shining out of a blue sky and then retreating back to gray as the day moved along.  Snow conditions remain very good, especially on north facing slopes.  Temperatures continued cool ranging in the low to mid twenties and rising to the low thirties.

For those of you who live or visit Alpine Meadows or Squaw Valley you may have used the Mountaineer Shuttle service this winter.  It runs within each valley (daily in Squaw and weekends in Alpine).

This service will pick you at your home and take you anywhere in either valley for free (most people use it to avoid having to drive and park at the base of either ski area).  I was astonished to learn that thus far this winter (Dec. 1 to yesterday) they have serviced over 47,000 riders.  It appears to be a success which should mean it will continue and perhaps expand next season.

More snow is in the forecast for coming days and weeks.  Given the amount of snow we have had thus far, and the size of snow backs, I thought I would send along an article given to me at my cardiac rehabilitation class.  This article basically discusses the reasons for keeping a shovel out of our hands during the winter months.  Shoveling snow is, according to many, a risky business for anyone (whether or not we have a any cardiac issues).  The 4 pages are attached.

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