Opening Day for the New Treeline Cirque Lift

Hello Skiers,

Wet snow fell on the upper mountain yesterday and rain lower down.  This morning the mountain was in fog and overcast early, but sunshine separated the gray bringing an afternoon of blue to the area.  Air temperatures rose with the sun which is melting the water logged snow at lower elevations.  However, with the clearing sky came a beautiful snow filled mountain at Alpine Meadows.  Mountainsides are flush with snow.

Today was the opening day for the new Treeline Cirque Lift at Alpine.  For the very beginner Meadow was also turning.  A few die hard locals waited a few minutes to get the first ride up the new four passenger chair.  We were only allowed to ride to the mid-station (old top of Hot Wheels) as the upper section does not have enough snow yet.  The ride was smooth as velvet and fast.  We were at the mid-station in five minutes.

There was plenty of snow pack and no rocks on the main run which was nicely groomed.  Some snowboarders were able to enjoy the off piste, but the snow was just two heavy and wet for skiers. The groomed area was smooth and fun, especially after spending a number of days on Kangaroo.  We made 14 runs in 2.5 hours this morning which included a bit of time yakking and taking photos.  I cannot remember for sure, but my guess is that I had never ridden the Hot Wheels Chair 14 times in any one day ever.

Tomorrow Roundhouse is scheduled to turn.  It appears to have plenty of coverage on the main run.  From the chair this morning it sure looked like the top was ready of skiers.

Winter has begun.

Enjoy your day,


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