New Terrain

After getting just over 2.5 feet in the past few days, Squaw was able to open some real lifts today. Squaw Creek, Red Dog, Far East Express, and Exhibition (as well as some carpets) were all open today. After 100+ runs on Kangaroo this week, we decided to try Squaw out.

That was a mistake. There was barely any coverage off-piste, and the groomed runs were thin, narrow, firm, and in spots, icy. With just enough people to make the slopes busy and lines a couple minutes long, it was not fun.

After trying Lake View off of Squaw Creek and Champs Elysees/Red Dog Face off of Red Dog/Far East, we decided to go back to Alpine.

The Roo was much better. While Squaw was firm, Alpine had a few inches of fresh, light snow. Lift lines were non-existent. However, extremely flat light caused us to go in after five runs on Kangaroo.

Over the past couple of days, it’s looked like they’ve been getting ready to open Treeline Cirque—snow was being made, the lift was spinning, and cats were out on Weasel. However, rumor is that a technical issue will delay the newest lift until next week and they are trying to open Roundhouse ASAP. (A few cats were out this afternoon, though, moving snow around at the base of Treeline Cirque, so there may be some hope.)

A storm is coming in this weekend that should bring 2–3+ feet by Monday.

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