A Couple of Winter Days

Hello Friends,

On Saturday in a strong wind, rain, and snow storm most, if not all, of the Treeline Cirque lift towers were flown into place. Of course there is a lot of work remaining before the lift is ready for skiers, but it was amazing to me how quickly and in what conditions the towers were lifted into place.

Sunday we received snow showers that stuck to the ground and today we are receiving more scattered showers. Temperatures have been in the thirties. I do not think many of us are ready for winter, and I believe the sun will be out and temperatures will warm in another day or so, but for now it feels like winter.

The weather must have been tough to fight over the weekend as thousands of people participated in the Spartan Challenge at Squaw Valley. Participants fought their way up trails and over obstacles in the inclement weather.

Saturday we drove to Sierraville and took part in the Sierra Valley Art and Agriculture tour. This consisted of a day where we visited a number of farms with historical barns, each filled with local artists showing their wares. Each ranch (barn) included a description of the history of the property. These ranches date back to the 1800’s when pioneers homesteaded acreage in the valley. Although it was cold and wet, we had a good time driving around the valley and learning the history while meeting new people and enjoying their local art.

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