Not the Best

Hello Skiers and Boarders,

There are not many mornings when I just quit after one run, but I attempted to do exactly that this morning.  I rode Summit at 8am with a handful of other patrons.  The trip down was on firm uneven groomed snow.  It was not pleasant.  I venture off piste a little in Alpine Bowl and found some cutup lumpy snow that was not solidly frozen, but it was not joyful.  Perhaps the surface would have softened in an hour or two as the temperature was rising, but I did not want to jar all my fillings loose.  Upon re-entering the locker room I found a couple of friends who had arrived a little later than I did.  I gave them my report, but they still decided to give it a try.  Off we went.  I joined them hoping the snow would have softened.  I made a second run afterwhich we headed back to the locker room.  My report from the first run was validated.   It was a little disappointing as this was the second to the last day of skiing at Alpine.  Our forecast calls for snow tonight.  Perhaps the last day will be a powder morning, but I think I am done skiing at Alpine for this year.  Perhaps a few days at Squaw in the next weeks, but it is time to switch sports.

Attached is a photo of our crew this morning minus Mark who took the photo.

Enjoy your day,


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