Corn, Slush and Mush

Hello Skiers and Boarders,

It is warm in Tahoe today.  Sunshine dominated the sky, although we did have a period of high overcast for awhile.  This afternoon the temperature at the base of Alpine is 58 with the upper mountain registering 52.

Early this morning we enjoyed a few nicely groomed runs off the Summit Chair.  The snow was softer than yesterday in the early morning.  Off piste was also softer in the morning and quickly turned to the mushy side of the scale on the south facing slopes.  We skied The Face around 11.  If you like soft spring snow and moguls that you can around very slowly then you might have really had fun on this trail.  It was not sticky just slushy.

Slow turns that take extra energy.  Palisades was better on the upper section than the lower.  Again the snow was slushy.  We ventured over to Scott Chair and loved the corn snow on Ridge Run.  Then we hated the rotten deep mush in Seldom Slides.  Scott Chute turned out to be a mixture of snow.  Some of it was deep slush and others nice spring snow.  It is best where it has been skied the most.  There was some nice corn on the groomed runs off Lakeview Chair.  Some of you may know one of Alpine’s most revered race team members.  A great coach and a great ski racer.  Alpine has erected a new sign renaming (I think) Twilight Zone, a Lakeview Trail to Jorg’s Legacy. Photo of the sign is attached.  This is a trail Jorg used many times to set up slalom courses.  Jorg is still around, but has not been skiing this winter.

Enjoy your day,


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