Crazy Weather Day

Hello Skiers and Boarders,

What a crazy day it has been this Tuesday April 9, 2019.  It rained pretty hard last night, but when I woke this morning it was snowing.  A dusting for sure with just a bit more on the mountain.  By 9am the sun was shining and the sky mostly blue with only a few dark clouds overhead. Enough variation to turn my vision from clear to unclear and back.  There was just enough new snow to cover the groomed runs with a thin blanket of white.  Although it was firm underneath the skiing was pretty nice.  We sketched the clean morning pallet with snake like turns creating ski art that lasted longer than normal.  Early this morning the ski area was vacant.  There were only a handful of people anxious to get onto the mountain.  This meant there was no rush to score first tracks.  We skied a few runs on Roundhouse, Scott and Lakeview before heading Summit.

It has been bouncing back and forth all day between bright sun, dark gray clouds with snow falling from them and even some hail.  It has truly been a day of mixed showers.

A couple of photos of the sunny portion of the morning are attached.

Enjoy your day,


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  1. Thank you for these reports! Well Done! I am planning to board next week on Fri-Sat and will be checking your updates as often as I can before my trip and hoping for another batch of snow to come through!

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