Rain Drops

Hello Skiers and Boarders,

Rains held off for much of the day, but drops did fall during my short late afternoon tour of the mountain.  Drizzle is falling now making our streets wet. This afternoon the ski area was pretty much empty as I made my way from lift to lift.  The snow surface was slow, but not mushy.  It was smooth and pretty much consistent in most areas.  It was not mash potatoes and I was not jerked around with that start and stop stickiness that comes with warm spring days.  Of course the light was pretty flat and the sky dark gray, but I was able to make out the terrain which varied from relatively smooth slopes that had been groomed in the morning to large soft moguls.  The moguls in the Palisades area were quiet large.  Smaller on Scott’s Beam off Sherwood.

It was a memorable afternoon, but sometimes it is just good to get out for a little fresh air.  

A few photos of empty chairs and slopes that one would expect on this type of afternoon at the beginning of April with wet threatening skies are attached.

Enjoy your day,


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