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Hello Skiers and Boarders,

Today turned out to be a beautiful clear day on the slopes.  A little cool in the morning and a little windy over the ridges.  I suggested a rather childish quest for the day that two of completed by the end of our ski day.

The idea was to ski each and every trail that had been groomed at Alpine Meadows.  Some of the groomed runs were fast with a winter corduroy surface and other were firm, but we had fun circling the mountain.  In the end we believe we skied all of groomed trails along plus a number of excellent winter packed trails along the way.

If I counted correctly Alpine reported 43 groomed trails this morning.  We ended up skiing 82 named trails while taking 21 lift rides (including one on the Big Carpet, my first ever) We did not break and records for vertical feet in a day (ours was about 23,000) nor mileage skied (ours totaled about 26 miles).  Our day lasted about 5 hours.  According to the Squaw Valley App. my top speed was 60 miles per hour (I am pretty sure this was incorrect, but I do believe a secondary number that indicated a top speed of 41 miles per hour).

Palisades and High Yellow Gully remain in excellent condition.  Low Beaver and the face above Kangaroo was also covered with winter snow.

A silly photo of me on the Big Carpet is attached.

Enjoy your day,


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