Clean Slate on Sherwood

Hello Skiers and Boarders,

Today represented the definition of the term Snow Showers.  For the first time in a number of days I saw shadows on the slopes and moments of what appeared to be sunlight.  These brief moments that were spaced far apart were followed by numerous periods of snow showers.  Gray was once again the dominant color of the day.

Winds were very strong at the ridge top.  It blew into our faces as we exited Scott Chair, but died off just below the top.  We received a few inches of snow overnight filling in many, but not all, of the tracks from the day before.  Temperatures remained in the twenties keeping the snow surface cold.

We headed directly over to Sherwood this morning after enjoying some soft turns in the area of Yellow Trail and across my favorite Scott Meadow.  A real treat awaited us this morning.  The surface at Sherwood was soft and clean.  Very few tracks had been carved into the new snow.  Best of all was the fact that only handful of other skiers and boarders were on the hill.  After a good number of runs people began to show up, but during those laps when we were basically alone smiles were on our cold faces.  We skied in the trees and in the open spaces.  Power Line, Sherwood Forest, along the side of Reily’s Run, and Expert Short Cut among other.

Later we toured Promised Land and Standard Run off Scott.  Light was flat in the morning which kept  me from riding Summit this morning.  It was a good day on the hill.

Enjoy your day,


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