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Hello Skiers and Boarders,

If you were on the hill today, you left with a big smile on your face.  The parking lots appeared to be full yet the lift lines were not as bad as one might have expected.  The entire mountain was open (with the exception of High Traverse) which spread people out which was a blessing.

Yesterday it rained and winds blew basically shutting down the ski area.  Hot Wheels and Sherwood ran for a while and then they closed.  A few people were out skiing and they looked tired and drenched when they arrived back at the base lodge.  I spent a couple of hours hanging around visiting with my locker room friends waiting for the rain to turn to snow.  It never really happened.  Last night, very late in the night, the rain turned to snow.  Temperatures dropped and light snow piled up.  We received a foot of beautiful new snow overnight and then storm moved on leaving cloudy skies and great skiing.  

The snow was awesome everywhere, especially where it had not been cut up.  First tracks were the best in a long time.  Mark Fisher says it was the best day in two years.  I might argue with him on that, but it gives you an idea of the delight available on the mountain.  I was late to the mountain this morning so I missed some of the untracked powder, but I did have fun in Scott Chute, Gentian Gully, High Yellow, and Outer-Outer Limits.  Oh! I forgot the best.  We skied Field of Dreams.  There is nothing more to say, it was a Field of Dreams.  A photo of Bob I. and Dave A. itching to drop into Field of Dreams (they were anxiously waiting for me).  Bob kindly shot a video of us skiing our dream.  A link to the video is below.

Enjoy your day,


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