Wet Weather

Hello Skiers and Boarders,

I do not feel bad this afternoon for having missed the opening bell at Alpine or Squaw.  Cardiac Rehabilitation Class got in my way, but based on the photos of skiers and boarders waiting in line at Roundhouse I did not miss very much.  I did get onto the slope a little later in the morning and stood in a good sized line a both Roundhouse and Scott.  We received a few inches of new snow overnight causing the stoke meter to rise significantly this morning.  However, the temperature was on the warm side and the snow was wet.  This created a firm wind packed surface with just a few inches of snow on top.  The most enjoyable tracks were those etched in untracked snow. I found some untracked in the trees off Scott and in Gentian.  Soft creamy turns were easy to make in many areas.  As the morning passed a mist began to drop from low clouds that look like fog to me.  Goggles dripped on the exterior making visibility a little difficult.  After awhile I felt wet and headed in to dry up and find some food to eat.

Alpine did get most of the lifts operating on a delayed basis which help spread the good size crowd over the mountain.  Roads are wet this afternoon, but free of snow in most cases.  It is gray and wet looking outside.

There were plenty of good turns to be had today if you were in the right place at the right time.

Enjoy your day,


The Unofficial Alpine Meadows Ski Report
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