Raging River

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The most exciting thing happening in Tahoe at the moment is the size and raging of the Truckee River as it is released from the Tahoe City Dam.  I looked yesterday at the release figures which indicated the water was flowing out of the dam at 2100 cfs..  It looks higher today.  A couple of photos are attached including one showing the bridge to the Fir Crags Subdivision with water close to flowing over the top.  A couple of other photos just show the width of the river above River Ranch and one of the rapids at the River Ranch.

Today the weather was variable.  This morning we had short periods of sun followed by gray overcast.  The lighting went from okay to flat.  Winds were strong enough to close Summit and Scott. We even experienced stinging ice crystals that were falling from the sky at times.  The best part of the morning was the snow surface.  Spring corn snow peppered the groomed runs. The same consistency existed off piste in many areas where skier pack with small moguls could be found.  Temperatures were in the 40’s which eventually created sticky conditions on the lower portion of the mountain.

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