Pretty Darn Perfect

Hello Skiers and Boarders,

I have been too busy the past few days to jot down a report. A quick review of the past few days for those of you who might have missed all the snow events.  Friday was a little frustrating do to weather and road closures, but once we got onto the mountain it felt like heaven. The overnight snow was super light and deep enough to get face shots.  The crowd was light and enough slopes were open to allow for numerous uncut runs.  Heavy snow falling all day refilled many of the earlier tracks.  Saturday the snow was denser and just as deep.  Low sloped runs brought skiers to a halt and snowboarders misery, but it was still a very good powder day with more lifts running than on Friday.  Today the sun was out.  The sky was blue. The overnight temps in the teens.  The cold temperatures dried out Saturdays snow leaving another foot or so of light deep powder.  It does get much better than it was today.  A large crowd was on hand, but everyone spread out quickly.  Lift lines were very manageable all day. The entire mountain was open which really helps when we have a large crowd.

We started with a quiet perfect tour down Gentian Gully.  Untracked as it was not open yesterday.  We followed up with a second shot at Gentian.  Shuttle Cornice (skier right of Expert Shortcut) down and over the return road from Sherwood offered deep soft turns.  I often look longingly over the edge of Ray’s Rut where a field of sparkling snow sits begging to be marred.

Today we leap over the edge and skied down next to the water tank.  A short walk up the road brought us back to Sherwood and then down Art’s Knob (soft cut snow).  The High Traverse opened for one of the first, if not the first day.  Of course we had to hike over and ski Big Bend.

The snow was a little sunbaked, but still it was great to be out on the backside.  Soon after it was time for a tour down to the lower valley from the top of Lakeview Chair.  Field of Dreams was dreamy as usual.  Last trip took us over the edge of Scott Ridge and into the trees of condo run (out of area, but darn nice).  The rest of the mountain was filled with soft winter snow.  A truly awesome day.

Enjoy your day,


The Unofficial Alpine Meadows Ski Report
Produced by Andy Wertheim
Tahoe Truckee Realtor
Cell: 530-386-0734

Alpine Meadows Listing:

2 bedroom 2 bath condominium with one car garage near the Alpine Meadows slopes. $349,000 partially furnished.

Juniper Mountain Sunny lot with mountain views.  One of just a few remaining vacant building sites in the Juniper Mountain Subdivision. $488,000.

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