After Yesterday Came Today

Hello Skiers and Boarders,

Helicopter skiing might have been better than the skiing we enjoyed today, but it was pretty darn close. Plenty of skiers and boarders flooded the mountain this morning, but they dissipated quickly. The mountain was basically fully open which spreads everyone out and cuts down on the lift lines. An early morning in Gentian Gully, for the first time this year, warmed my heart and sprayed powder upon my face. A quick visit to Broccoli Tree is mandatory on the first trip through Gentian Gully. Sherwood Chair opened for the first time this season. There were plenty of lines down South Face and Sherwood Cliffs, but the best snow of day was a trip down Expert’s Shortcut. Light, deep, and not very cut up. There were tracks everywhere. Beaver, Estelle, Buttress, High Yellow Face, Counter Weight Gully, and Our Father. Where it was not fresh we found small soft moguls.

Sun, blue sky, cold dry snow, and reasonable lift lines made for an awesome day. Everyday there is something to smile about. Today, it was the beautiful view of Lake Tahoe, sparkling untracked snow, and a long line of skiers and boarders (some on their bellies crawling), inching toward Sherwood Chair from the bottom of Lakeview (which was not running today).

A big shout-out to the patrol person who cut trail in 2.5 feet of powder from the end of the groomed trail (not far from the bottom of Lakeview Chair) to Sherwood. Behind the patrol person was a very long line of people (most of them patiently waiting) slowly moving along toward Sherwood. Obviously a road has not been cut yet and nobody had made a track in the deep snow when they opened Sherwood. We enjoyed the walk. By the time we arrived at Sherwood the sun was already baking the south facing slopes turning the perfect light powder into heavier snow, but it was still fun leaving tracks behind and visiting the backside for the first time this season.

Enjoy your day,


The Unofficial Alpine Meadows Ski Report
Produced by Andy Wertheim
Tahoe Truckee Realtor
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Alpine Meadows Listing:
2 bedroom 2 bath condominium with one car garage near the Alpine Meadows slopes. $349,000 partially furnished.
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  1. No proper trail cut from Lakeview to Sherwood was quite an omission. Been skiing Alpine M. since the mid 80’s and have never faced this before.
    I consider myself pretty fit for a 58 year old woman snow boarder but I WOULD NEVER HAVE ATTEMPTED THE TREK had I known that the trail had not been properly cut. Myself and many other boarders were caught off guard and were stuck with a LONG trek thru deep snow. And you know that with the Lakeview chair out of commission, that there was no alternative i.e. there was no way out without a huge amount of effort. No way back!!!
    By the time I made it to Sherwood I was exhausted for the day. In fact I am still exhausted 24 hours later.
    Shame on the A.M. management.

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