Gloomy on the Hill Today

Hello Skiers and Boarders,

It snowed a wet thick 3 inches above Roundhouse at some point last night.  This was not the powder you were dreaming of, but a difficult layer of goo that did not bring a smile to anyone’s face.  More than likely it brought pain to the knees.  Below the top of Roundhouse it appears to have rained all night.  This continued on and off all day today.  One of my deranged friends had the nerve to call me about 9:30 declaring the snow to be smooth spring corn.  This is a condition that can occur after and even during a rain storm.  He dared me to join him on the empty slopes.  Of course I did not want to be ridiculed for abstaining.  We skied for a hour or so on Roundhouse.  The snow was smooth corn.  We made one run up to the top.  The narrow groomed area in Alpine Bowl was pleasant enough, but off piste was a disaster.  After an hour on the hill clear drops began to fall from the sky. I am getting too old to ski in the rain.

I think I should give the management at Alpine a thumbs up for a change.  There have been small crowds this year, limited ski terrain, and wet days, but Alpine has been turning every lift that leads to a trail that has enough snow on it.  In my opinion, even though it seems unnecessary to run lifts that spin empty most of the day, this is how a well run ski resort operates.

It appears that many locals are in Mammoth skiing on fresh snow.  Mammoth has received a foot or more in the last day or so.

A couple of pictures are attached that I took this morning at Alpine.

Enjoy your day,


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