Some Fresh Turns

Hello Skiers and Riders,

Last night, at least at my house, it rained. By morning it was snowing lightly. The mountain received a little more snow. They claimed 5 inches on the Squaw site. I was not on the hill today until 2pm, but my friends indicated that it was pretty nice making fresh tracks early in the morning. Later it turned to mush. I made a few turns off Roundhouse that were smooth and soft. This was on the piste. Then I tried Scott Chair. I went over to Standard Run where I found a hardly tracked slope that was mush. Soft wet snow that fought back at me with each attempted turn. It was the type of snow that splits your skis into two different directions. I think it may have been better off Summit or just on the skier packed runs. There were very few people on the hill which meant most of the runs were not skier packed. I did gaze off at some nice turns that must have been made earlier in the day (see attached photo). Monday it rained and I stayed indoors. Sunday was another wet cloudy day, but those on the hill claimed skiing was pretty good. I can say that Saturday was delightful and the days prior were excellent. Colder snow covered the surface Thursday and Friday.

(Photo: Andy Wertheim)

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