An Abundant Supply of Corn

We started off around 10 and parked at Subway. It was not that crowded. We took Roundhouse first, which had no line at all.

The cat track to High-T seems to be attracting a ton of people (Photo: Oznorts)

We then went to Summit and hiked High-T after one run down Sunspot. CB Chute was sick, not too firm, but not too soft; the bottom was a bit sticky. We did Expert’s Shortcut back to the front, where the moguls were noticeably bigger than yesterday.

Idiot’s Delight was open until around 12:00, and Oznorts hit it just before patrol switched the signs. He reported it was nice and soft. I hit the saddle to skier’s right of Upper Idiot’s, and that was amazing corn.

Oznorts about to drop Idiot’s Delight (Photo: Oznorts)

We hit a ton of off-piste after that, like the Roundhouse lift line, Pete’s Peril, the Three Sisters, and Palisades. Palisades was a bit firm when we did it, though there were a couple of soft turns. Pete’s Peril had amazing corn. After a while, the bottom of the mountain started getting sticky, but that didn’t stop us.

(You can view my stats for the day at Trace’s website.)

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