Perfect Corn

We got out at just after 9 this morning. The parking lots weren’t too bad, though we did choose to park in the Subway lot. SquAlpine sent out an alert at about 10:15 that the Squaw lots were full, and Alpine’s were filling up.

The lift lines today stayed reasonable—the most we waited was about five minutes. People spread out well, making most lift lines just a couple of minutes long. A couple runs got crowded at some points, but never bad enough that you couldn’t wait for an opening and get the run mostly to yourself.

Since Summit was on wind hold, we headed straight for Sherwood. Sherwood Face was groomed and already soft by the time we got back there. It was fast and fun! The main Sherwood run was also nice and soft.

After about five runs on the back side, we headed back to the front. Expert’s Shortcut was almost perfect, however, especially at the bottom, there were some firm spots. We took a quick break at the Chalet, and then headed to Hot Wheels Gully for a couple runs. It was the first time I’ve done it this season, and it’s filled in quite well. The snow in the gully was just soft enough to be comfortable.

Air out of Hot Wheels Gully (Photo: Oznorts | Skier: Emmy)

We got tired of Hot Wheels Gully and opted for a few runs on Charity, which were fast and fun. Sunday School was a bit too soft when we tried it, though with enough speed it was still carvable. I noticed a banked turn “course” on Sunday School, a picture is below.

Some tough turns in here! (Photo: Oznorts)

After a quick lunch break, we headed back to Hot Wheels Gully and Charity, where the conditions were just as good as earlier. Summit started to spin at 2 with patrollers heading up, and opened to the public at around 2:30. I was one of the first people on Lower Idiot’s, and the conditions there were pretty awesome. The snow was pretty much fresh snow, with limited tracks in it. It wasn’t too heavy at all. The second run on it was similar, but a little more skied-off.

We spent our last couple of runs of the day on Scott. Scott’s Chute had perfect corn and wasn’t too bumpy. Lower 40 was also soft and fun.

(You can view my stats for the day at Trace’s website.)

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