Firm Morning, Spring Corn Followed

Hello Skiers and Riders,

Frozen firm surface decorated the slopes this morning for the first few laps on Summit Chair. A brisk wind and moderate temperature maintained the firm surface for a little longer this morning than in the past couple of days. However, sunny skies soon soften the surface on those east and south facing slopes turning hard corduroy into spring corn. I must say that the limited grooming overnight was not up to world class standards. It was somewhat typical for this time of year. Grooming takes time when the snow surface is very soft. Often the slope might need to be groomed a second time to really smooth it out. Today, ridges between snowcat passes and divots that dotted the slope made a me little more tense than normal and slowed my pace somewhat.

After a few laps on Summit we ventured over to Sherwood where the snow had already turned to corn, at least on the groomed slope. Off piste was not the best as it was lumpy and mushy. A little sticky in places as well. It was not smooth in the area around the Sherwood Lift. However, we did speak with a friend who skied CB Chute. He thought the upper 2/3rds of the High Traverse was pretty good (smooth and more like corn) with the lowest section too soft. Lakeview, Outer Limits and Mountain View, had a corn surface by 11. I left at noon, but I think the skiing was fine later on the north facing slopes.

Attached are a couple of photos. One of my nutty friends taking a rest in the newly created rest stop on Weasel and one of the clouds building over the Sierra Crest taken from the top of Lakeview. The oncoming storm that has the sky sprinkling this evening.

Enjoy your day,


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