Spring Has Arrived

Hello Skiers and Riders,

Spring is in true form today in the Sierra.  From winter to Spring in one or two days.

Yesterday the ski area was packed with powder hunting riders.  They found good snow, but it was not powder.  It was wind condensed snow.  This morning the air was warm and the sky clear.

The parking lot did not fill.  Lift lines were non-existent. We took a couple of quick wonderful runs on nicely groomed slopes from the top of Summit Chair.  Then we headed over the High Traverse and enjoyed untracked slopes that just right.  Soft snow that was powder turning to spring slush.  A photo of our turns is attached.  We thought a second trip over would be worth while, but the sun had already turned the snow to mushy powder.  North facing slopes remained chalky for awhile, but were beginning to soften as well.  We hit Our Father which was completely smooth and chalky.  Palisades was the same.  Smooth wind buffed snow.  These were worth more than one run.

Temperatures climbed to 45 degrees at the base of Alpine.  Snow is melting off roads, decks, and roof (which is a good thing for some homeowners).

Let us hope, although the weather forecast does not seem to call for it, that night temperatures drop below freezing so we can have some spring corn soon.

The forecast for the weekend and into next week is for clear and warm weather.

Enjoy your day,


The Unofficial Alpine Meadows Ski Report
Produced by Andy Wertheim
Tahoe Truckee Realtor
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