Blue Sky, New Snow, Long Lines

Hello Skiers and Riders,

Blue skies were overhead this morning for the first time in days.  It was exciting to see the mountain and sunshine.  I have lost track of the amounts of snow that have fallen, the number of times the power has failed, and the height of our snow banks.  Excitement over the beautiful morning was followed by the ongoing frustrations with lift lines on such a glorious day.  We waited in line for Roundhouse to open which was sometime after 9.  The turns off God’s Knob and Yellow Trail calmed us down until we returned to the base.  We were unable to get up the courage to stand in the Roundhouse line, so we headed to the only other option available (Hot Wheels).  By the time I arrived at the top of Hot Wheels, I could not remember what day it was but the ski down was worth the wait.  We hiked over to lower Seldom Slides and made a few nice powder turns in the trees.  We did this 3 times which meant I was not sure what month it was by the time we gave up.  I was about to leave when a couple of my friends showed up.  We headed out again.  Riding Hot Wheels one more time gave us a good view of the skiers waiting in line for Scott to open.  We went back to Roundhouse where the line had lessened.

Summit did not open, nor did any of the other lifts except Yellow and Kangaroo, according to Alpine’s app.  I was astonished to see many skiers hiking up to the top of Summit on the maintenance road from the end of Roundhouse.  Evidently the upper mountain was open even though there were no lifts running to the top.  A number of people got some good untracked runs by hiking to the top.

A couple of photos of the Roundhouse and Scott lines are attached along with a photo of the early skiers coming down from Roundhouse in some nice powder.

I normally do not do this, but I am going to give Josh from the Tahoe Snowlab a plug.  He mounted a new pair of skis for me this afternoon.  A reasonable price (less than most local shops) and finished them while I went to check my mail.  Josh has reasonable rates for tuning as well.

530-448-4230 in case you want to give him a call.  His shop is located between Alpine Meadows and Tahoe City so access is easy.  In addition, he makes and sells Slant Skis.  I have friends that ski on them that seem to like them just fine.  The great news is that Jose will let you demo a pair for FREE!  Maybe you should give him a try.  By the way, I did not get anything for this note.  I just like the service I received today.

Let’s hope that all lifts will be operating tomorrow so we can reach the snow that we did not get today.

Enjoy your day,


The Unofficial Alpine Meadows Ski Report
Produced by Andy Wertheim
Tahoe Truckee Realtor
Cell: 530-386-0734

Alpine Meadows Riverfront Condominium: 2 bedroom 2 bath Pool, spa, tennis court.  Top floor.


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